Construction Law

Construction Law

The construction law attorneys at Anderson, Julian & Hull have become synonymous with common sense construction law with attorneys who specialize in legal services focused on the construction industry and the construction process.

Construction Defects

For the past several years, Idaho has been experiencing substantial growth in population and a large increase in the construction of commercial, industrial and residential structures.  


The construction litigation attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull are some of the leading attorneys in construction litigation, having represented general contractors, subcontractors and design professionals in construction litigation for buildings, both big and small.


Regardless of whether the claim is for a construction defect or design defect, the attorneys at Anderson, Julian & Hull have years of experience working with construction claims. 


Our attorneys understand the duties and responsibilities of the various trades and professionals that are involved in a construction project and are fully capable of presenting the facts and information which pertain to the clients’ case.  


Further, their thorough and in-depth understanding of construction industry, construction technique, and the interplay between various trades and professionals, allow the construction attorneys at Anderson, Julian & Hull to develop practical, comprehensible legal and factual arguments on behalf of their client.  

Change Orders and/or Cost Overruns

The construction litigation attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull are also very experienced in addressing cases pertaining to change orders or costs overruns.  


They recognize the importance and necessity of identifying and tracking change orders, Requests for Information (RFI’s), expenses and costs. 


The skilled attorneys at Anderson, Julian & Hull can then present such information in a fully comprehensible manner to a court, jury or arbitrator.

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