Personal Injury

Personal Injury

The personal injury/wrongful death attorneys at Anderson, Julian & Hull represent individuals, entities and businesses. These include those who have been sued or have had claims brought against them for personal injuries or claims of wrongful death resulting from auto accidents, slips and falls, trucking accidents, product failures and more.

Auto Claims/Accidents

With more than 98,000 miles of roads in Idaho, be it a freeway, highway, city street or dirt-jeep trail — there are a great number of places for vehicle accidents to occur. 


The attorneys at Anderson, Julian & Hull have tried every kind of auto accident case imaginable: rear-end accidents, slide-offs, multiple car collisions, and accidents involving dust storms, snowstorms, and drunk drivers.


The automobile/personal injury attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull are fully experienced in defending and litigating these types of claims and more. 


Our attorneys have repeatedly been involved with and participated in trials concerning legal issues involving comparative fault, traffic or “rules of the road” statutes, damage claims, statutory damage caps and punitive damages.


They have tried cases involving combines, farm machinery, boats, ATVs, UTV’s, scooters, motorcycles and bicycles.


When you need experience, rest assured your case would not be their “first trip around the block”. 

Slips and Falls

As Idaho continues to grow and prosper, the number of premises liability cases are increasing. This includes slips and falls that have caused injuries in parking lots, retail stores, and restaurants.


Due to their extensive background in litigation, both in courts and arbitrations, the personal injury attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull are well acquainted with the liability and damages issues that often arise in such claims.


They are fully cognizant of the interplay between city, county and state ordinances or statutes which may be applicable and the comparative fault statutes which may be used to reduce or defeat such claims.

The personal injury attorneys at Anderson, Julian & Hull are cognizant of the fact that well timed, well written briefs and appropriate legal motions are essential.


Including motions of summary judgment, are found to be very helpful in leading to favorable results, including defense verdicts or reasonable settlements.

Trucking Accidents

As Idaho’s economy has become more robust, more people have moved into the state. The number and frequency of trucking accidents have also increased.


Such trucking accidents involve long-haul truckers, harvesting trucks, farm trucks, farm equipment, and intrastate and interstate delivery services.  


Regardless of the type of truck involved, the trucking/personal injury attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull are well familiar with interstate trucking regulations, drivers’ logs, drug testing requirements and the risks that trucking companies and their drivers face on a daily basis.


Thus, if your case involves an accident in downtown Boise, Interstate 84, or a rural road in Idaho, our trucking/personal injury attorneys are ready.


Willing and able to assist you with their years of experience in the courtroom, mediations and/or arbitrations.

Wrongful Death

In some cases, insurance claims involve a fatality.


The vast legal experience of the personal attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull includes work on wrongful death cases and the legal issues that may arise.


For instance, under Idaho’s Wrongful Death Statute, both the estate and the heirs have claims that must be addressed.


Additionally, personal injury attorneys at Anderson Julian & Hull are well versed in the issues regarding non-economic caps, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, and the myriad of other factors that arise in such situations.

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