Robby James Perucca

Robby J. Perucca | Partner

Mr. Perucca came to Idaho from Dallas, Texas in 1996 and enrolled at Boise State University.


After graduating in 2000, he decided to stay in Idaho due to his love of the outdoors and the people who live and work in Idaho. He attended the University of Idaho and graduated with honors in 2004.


Mr. Perucca has been working with Anderson, Julian & Hull LLP since 2006.

He enjoys being an advocate for his clients, particularly in regard to handling complex legal problems, as well as receiving the opportunity to be exposed to the various industries and specialties in which his clients work and practice.


Mr. Perucca loves practicing the law because he appreciates the creativity involved with handling such a wide variety of cases and legal matters.

He also appreciates the opportunity to bring his own, unique perspective to complex problems and provide a service to his clients that produces solutions and value.